About MR

Background & Context
Challenges in the fields of employment, education and welfare are multifaceted and necessitate a discourse that will involve various stakeholders as youth workers, youth organizations, academics and policy makers. Cooperation between these groups is necessary in order to contextualize and transform diverse inputs into tangible policy change.

Aims & Objectives
“Mission Responsible” will attempt to diversify the existing debate on the socioeconomic role of youth work by systematizing practices from different regions and mapping similarities, differences and corner stones in quest of common quality standards. This will be achieved by:
  • Systematizing approaches to the process of youth work professionalization by combining insights of youth professionals from different
    socio-cultural backgrounds and researchers and academics from different disciplines.
  • Systematizing youth work in different environments and improving the analytical tools of youth workers when analysing the needs and opportunities of their communities.

  • Systemize practical experience of youth workers, academic knowledge and technical knowhow in order to provide solution-oriented approaches and tangible policy recommendations.
  • Create international context for youth work and integrate all separate inputs into policy-oriented recommendations in all 5 stages of decision making: Conceptualization, Formulation, Implementation, Assessment and Duplication.
  • - Promote youth work by lobbying for further recognition by national, European and international authorities and for enhancing permissibility of the 3rd sector to formal educational institutions, through the initiation of a cross-disciplinary discourse about the present and future of youth work and its educational, social and economic role.

  • Academics & Researchers will:
    1. take part in a call for papers on the role of youth work in contemporary societies.
    2. Abstracts will be assessed.
    3. Relevant ones will develop into research papers.
    4. Researchers will present their papers at the “Mission Responsible” conference.
    5. Selected ones will be published in a collective volume.
    Policy makers at local, national and EU levels will be invited to the Project Launching event and will be asked to contribute insights and ideas during the field research. EU officials from different fields (education, employment, social welfare) will be invited to participate in the conference.