About Mission Responsible:

“Mission Responsible” is a 24 months (Mar 2016 – Feb 2018) Capacity Building project aiming at the establishment of quality standards for youth work through the exchange of experiences between 7 youth organizations from Greece, Italy, Senegal, Togo, India, Nepal and Vietnam. “Mission Responsible” will enhance partnerships with youth organizations from Africa, Asia and Europe through the exchange of know-how and will strengthen the position of youth workers and organizations to deal with contemporary challenges by utilizing inputs from youth professionals.

To facilitate the process of empowerment of the people enabling them to take control of their lives, resources and democratic institutions.
We play the role of community organizer, recourse mobilizes, facilitators, communicator, educator, counselor for people’s development.
We, the people of Jivan Vikas believe in socialistic pattern of society with democratic way of life. We also emphasize on participatory method of sustainable development.
“Women and Youth, development” (Eco-friendly development initiative)

Land and Livelihood:
  • Campaign on right to homestead land and agricultural land for landless particularly women and tribal
  • Minimum wages to agriculture workers, equal wages to women
  • Establishing Seed banks to save climate resilient seeds
  • Promoting knowledge sharing among farmers through Farmer Field School Approach, Knowledge Sharing Centre
  • Promoting women farmer’s collectives
    Natural Resources:
  • Effective implementation of FRA and PESA
  • Community claims in tribal villages are filed and follow up action taken, ensure that rights of women and girls are addressed
  • Commons mapping, Campaign to free commons & Commons for women groups
    Democratization of Society
  • Ensuring Good transparent Governance by promoting social audits, public hearings, monitoring entitlements & schemes and sub-plan; developing MLPs and ratifying the MLPs by Gram Panchayats
  • Leadership building of youth on issues of democratization
  • Education, campaigning on the basic principles of democracy with children and youth, workers PESA, 73rd
  • Amendment: strengthening by working with local bodies, local peoples organisations

    Major activities
    of the organization

  • Women empowerment
  • Participatory planning process (PPP)
  • Village/community organization and development
  • Community based leadership development
  • Awareness generation on state entitlement schemes for the benefit of poor people.
  • Improved method of sustainable Farming system development
  • Burning issue and follow up action
  • Need based training programme and capacity building
  • Awareness on human rights and constitutional rights.


    Area of operation:
    Bonai Subdivision of Sundargarh district in Odisha.
    At: Gidhialii, PO. Saradhapur Via: Lahunipara, Dist: Sundargarh , Odisha
    Telephone: PIN :770 040
    Chief: Bhajamana Mahanta, Secretary
    Mobile Telephone: +91-9437168823

  • panagiotis.trapatsas@gmail.com